You can view information about the fields, extensions, and properties that define an issued certificate by double-clicking any certificate displayed in the certificate store.

Clicking the General tab provides a general overview of the certificate, including the following information:

  • Supported uses of the certificate. Summary information, such as the applications, signing, encryption, or authentication, for which the certificate can be used. This section also explains if a certificate has expired or is not valid.

  • Entity to which the certificate was issued. The name of recipient of the certificate. Recipients can include end users, computers, or entities such as certification authorities (CAs).

  • The issuer of the certificate. The name of the CA that issued the certificate.

  • Validity period of the certificate. This includes the date the certificate becomes valid to the date that the certificate expires.

  • Issuer statement. Clicking the Issuer Statement button opens a separate window that contains additional information about the certificate or a URL where additional information can be obtained.

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