To verify that Microsoft® SQL Server® is listening on AppleTalk and can accept a client connection:

  1. Copy the client AppleTalk Net-Library (Dbmsadsn.dll) from the \WINNT\system32 directory of the server to the same directory of a remote computer running Microsoft Windows® or Microsoft Windows 2000 Services for Macintosh.
  2. On the remote workstation, start SQL Server Client Configuration.
  3. If AppleTalk is listed in the Disabled protocols list, click AppleTalk, and then click Enable.
  4. In the Enabled protocols by order list, click AppleTalk, and then click the up button until AppleTalk is at the top of the list.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Attempt an ISQL connection with the AppleTalk service object name.
    For example, at the command line, type the following:
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    isql -Usa -P -Sservicename
    If you can connect with ISQL and execute queries, the server is configured properly and is accepting connections.
The Microsoft Win32 AppleTalk (ADSP) client side Net-Library (Dbmsadsn.dll) is included for testing ADSP connections and troubleshooting AppleTalk connections between Macintosh clients and Microsoft SQL Server. This Net-Library is intended to be used only when testing a connection from a remote client to an instance of SQL Server. If you attempt to make local connections through the ADSP Net-Library to an instance of SQL Server listening on AppleTalk, you will receive the following network error:  Net-Library error 11: getsockopt().

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