Use FTP Denied URL Sequences to define the list of URL sequences for which the FTP service will deny access. For example, to prevent access to the Bin directory of your Web application, you could add the Bin directory as a denied URL sequences for your FTP site. When an FTP client logs in to your FTP site, the Bin folder will displayed in directory listings; however, if the FTP client attempts to change to the Bin folder, the FTP service will return an access denied error message to the FTP client.

UI Element List

The following tables describe the UI elements that are available on the feature page and in the Actions pane.

Feature Page Elements

Element NameDescription

URL Sequence

Displays the FTP URL sequence for which the FTP service will deny access.

Actions Pane Elements

Element NameDescription

Add URL Sequence

Opens the Add Deny Sequence dialog box for you to add a URL sequence to the list of denied URL sequences.


Removes a file name extension, hidden segment, URL sequence, or command from the list.

Edit Feature Settings

Opens the Edit FTP Request Filtering Settings dialog box for you to configure general properties and FTP request limits.

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