Use the .NET Profile Property dialog box to set or edit profile properties that track any custom information that your application requires, including:

  • User information, such as an address or city.

  • Preferences, such as a color scheme or list of stocks to follow.

  • Custom information about the current session, such as a shopping cart.

UI Element List

Element NameDescription


Defines the name of the profile property.

Data Type

Specifies the type for the property. The default is String. You can specify any .NET class as the type (Int32, DateTime, StringCollection, and so on).

Default value

Specifies the value with which the property is initialized.

Serialization option

Specifies the serialization formatter (String, Binary, XML, or provider-specific serialization). The default is String.

Read only

Specifies whether the property can be modified.

Available for anonymous users

Specifies whether the property is managed for anonymous users. By default, this check box is clear.

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