Use the Site Bindings dialog box to configure bindings for a site.

UI Element List

Element NameDescription


Displays the protocol for each site binding.

Host Name

Displays the host name, if any, for each site binding.


Displays the port number for each site binding.

IP Address

Displays the IP address for each site binding. If an IP address is not specified, the IP Address field displays an asterisk (*), which means that the binding is for all IP addresses.

Binding Information

Displays binding information for site bindings that use protocols other than:

  • HTTP


  • FTP


Opens the Add Site Binding dialog box from which you add a binding to the site.


Opens the Edit Site Binding dialog box from which you can edit the selected binding.


Removes the selected binding from the site. This button is available only when a site has more than one binding.


Opens the site's default page in a Web browser using the selected binding.


This action is available only for HTTP and HTTPS bindings.


Closes the Site Bindings dialog box.

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