You can use the NAP Client Configuration console to configure the NAP Status user interface that appears on a client computer. The NAP Status user interface consists of one dialog box and provides information about the system health agents (SHAs) that are enabled on the computer, network enforcement status, and remediation status.

By default, the NAP dialog box contains no branding information. Adding branding information is optional.

You should customize the user interface when:

  • You want users to have a clear understanding that their network access is being controlled by your organization.

  • You want to provide your users with contact information for your IT department so that they can get assistance when a computer has limited network access.

You can customize the following optional user interface elements:

Element Details


Appears as a banner at the top of the NAP Status dialog box and is usually the name of your organization or the name of your organization's IT department.


Appears under the title and is usually the slogan for your organization or your organization's IT department. The description can also contain contact information for your organization's Help desk or IT department.


Appears next to the title and is usually the logo for your organization or IT department. The image you specify must be one of the following file types: .jpg, .bmp, .png, or .gif. The maximum file size allowed is 1.0 megabyte (MB) and the image dimensions must be 64 × 64 pixels or smaller in size. Large images are not resized.


If your server has a Language Interface Pack (LIP) installed, you must also install this LIP on NAP client computers. NAP client computers that do not have the same LIP installed will not display custom title and description text.

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