Lets you connect with a data source that has file data source names (DSNs). A file-based data source, not necessarily user-dedicated nor local to a computer, can be shared among all users who have the same drivers installed.

Control Description

File Data Source

Displays all file DSNs and subdirectories of the directory indicated in the Look in box. Double-clicking a DSN connects to the data source.

Look in

Indicates the directory for which the subdirectories and file DSNs are listed in the window below. Clicking the down arrow alongside this text box displays the entire directory structure.

Up One Level icon

Replaces the directory indicated in the Look in box with the directory located one level up.

DSN Name

Displays the file DSN name, which is either selected in the File Data Sources list or entered manually.


Click to add a new file data source. In the Create New Data Source dialog box that appears, choose the driver for which you are adding a file DSN and click Next to specify the name or location of the new file DSN. Click Next again to view a summary of the new information. Click Finish to display the driver-specific setup dialog box.


Closes the Select Data Source dialog box and connects to the file data source that is indicated in the DSN Name text box. You do not have to click OK to accept changes to the File Data Sources list. Changes to the list are accepted when you click OK in the data source setup dialog box.


Closes the Select Data Source dialog box without connecting to the file data source and without undoing changes made via other dialog box controls.


Displays this Help screen.