This section shows the options and their functions available in the Add (or Edit) Network Library Configuration dialog box for TCP/IP.

Option Description

Server alias

Specify a unique name for the server running an instance of Microsoft SQL Server that listens on the TCP/IP Sockets network library.

Network libraries

Specify the network library that will be used to connect to the server. TCP/IP is selected.

Server name

Specify the instance of SQL Server that listens for TCP/IP Sockets clients.

Dynamically determine port

Specify that the Net-Library will determine the port dynamically. The port specified in Port number will not be used.

Port number

Specify the port that the TCP/IP Net-library will use to attempt to connect to the target instance of SQL Server. The default is 1433, the port number Windows Sockets Net-Library generally uses for SQL Server. In most cases, use the default port number. This field is only active when the Dynamically determine port check box is cleared.

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