You can use an RRAS server to provide dial-up access to your corporate intranet. If you want the remote access server to support multiple, dial-up networking TCP/IP-based connections, complete the following steps:

  • Configure the RRAS server’s LAN connection to the intranet. For more information, see Configure TCP/IP on the RRAS Server

  • Configure the connection to the dial-up networking clients, including installing dial-up modem equipment and the appropriate device drivers. For more information, see the documentation provided by the modem equipment manufacturer.

  • Configure the dial-in ports.

  • Configure the remote access server. This is similar to configuring the server for VPN access. For more information, see Checklist: Installing and Configuring an RRAS VPN Server.

  • Configure multicast support. For more information, see IPv4 Multicast Routing (

  • Configure network policies. For more information, see Network Policies.

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