Network address translation (NAT) is used to allow hosts on a private subnet to share a single IP address configured on the public interface of a NAT-enabled router.

The information displayed under NAT in the RRAS MMC snap-in includes the interfaces on the RRAS server that are configured to perform NAT and statistics about the translated network traffic passing through them. By default, NAT does not appear under IPv4 in the MMC snap-in until you install it.


If you use multiple IP routing protocols, configure only a single routing protocol per interface.

To install NAT
  1. In the RRAS MMC snap-in, expand IPv4, right-click General, and then click New Routing Protocol.

  2. In the New Routing Protocol dialog box, select NAT, and then click OK.

  • To configure server-wide NAT settings, right-click NAT, click Properties, and then configure the settings on the NAT Properties page.

  • To add NAT functionality to an interface, right-click NAT, and then click New Interface. Select the interface from the list, and then click OK. Configure the NAT role of the interface by configuring the settings on the NAT Interface Properties page.

  • To change the configuration of an existing NAT interface, right-click the interface, and then click Properties to display the NAT Interface Properties page.

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