Dialog box elementDescription

Server name

Type the DNS name or IP address of the RADIUS server to be used for accounting.

Shared secret

Displays the obscured shared secret that is used for secure communications between the RRAS server and the RADIUS server. You must configure the same shared secret on both the RRAS server and the RADIUS server for successful RADIUS communications to occur. The shared secret is case-sensitive.

Time-out (seconds)

Type the amount of time (in seconds) that the RRAS server tries to obtain responses from the RADIUS server before trying another RADIUS server. You can also click the arrows to select a new setting.

Initial score

Type the initial responsiveness score of the RADIUS server. You can also click the arrows to select a new setting. The score increases or decreases based on the ongoing responsiveness of the RADIUS server.


Type the UDP port that is used by the RADIUS server for incoming RADIUS accounting messages. The default value of 1813 is based on RFC 2139. For older RADIUS servers, set the port to 1646.

Send RADIUS Accounting On and Accounting Off messages

Specifies whether RADIUS Accounting-On and Accounting-Off messages are sent to the RADIUS server when the Routing and Remote Access service starts up and shuts down. You should verify that the RADIUS server supports these messages before selecting this check box.

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