Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Control is a tool that enables you to configure WMI settings on a remote or local computer. Using WMI Control, you can perform the following tasks:

Back up the repository

You can configure the WMI Control to back up your WMI repository on a regular schedule, or you can back up the repository manually at any time. The repository is the database of objects you can access through WMI. You can also restore a previous version of the repository.

See Backup or restore WMI repository

Change the default namespace for scripting

You can change the default namespace that is targeted in WMI scripts.

See Change WMI scripting settings

Authorize users or groups and set permission levels

You can authorize a user or group to access WMI. For each user or group you authorize, you can set their permission level for specific namespaces.


Additional Considerations

  • For more information on WMI, see WMI Overview

  • For information about using the command-line interface of WMI, view the command-line usage of Windows Management Instrumentation Control Command-line (Wmic.exe) by running wmic.exe -? at a command prompt.