Use Anonymous authentication to allow any user to access any public content without providing a user name and password challenge to the client browser. By default, Anonymous authentication is enabled in IIS 7.

If only selected users should view some content and you intend to use Anonymous authentication, you must configure the appropriate NTFS file system permissions to prevent anonymous users from accessing that content. If you want only registered users to view selected content, configure an authentication method for that content that requires a user name and password, for example, Basic or Digest authentication.

UI Element List

The following tables describe the UI elements that are available on the feature page and in the Actions pane.

Feature Page Elements

Element NameDescription

Anonymous Authentication

Select to manage Anonymous authentication.

Actions Pane Elements

Element NameDescription


Turns off Anonymous authentication.


Turns on Anonymous authentication.


Displays the Edit Anonymous Authentication Credentials dialog box where you can set the security principle that anonymous users will use to connect to the site. You can perform this action only when you select Anonymous Authentication from the list on the feature page.

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