The ODBC dBASE Setup dialog box contains the following controls, among others:

Data source information

Identifies the dBASE database, defaulting to the name assigned by the manufacturer. The Description field, which is blank by default, can contain your descriptive qualifiers.


Select any installed dBASE database version and its location. If you select the Use Current Directory check box, the Select Directory and Select Indexes options are disabled.


Click to change the following driver options:

  • Collating Sequence. For sorting.
  • Page Timeout. The time, in tenths of a second that an unused page remains in the buffer. It must always be greater than 0.
  • Exclusive. Limits access to the database to just one user.
  • Show Deleted Rows. Specifies whether rows marked as deleted can be retrieved or positioned on.
  • Approximate Row Count. Specifies whether table-size statistics are approximated.
Detailed and programmatic information about this driver is located in the MSDN Library. Other information can be found under Data Source Conversion, dBASE Files, IISAM Registry Entries, and Common ODBC Component Files in this help file. dBASE is a product of the INPRISE Corporation and is accompanied by its own help file.