Compacting a database saves the existing data but eliminates unused space in the database. The Database to Compact From dialog box targets the specific database to compact and allows you to specify Read/Write Shared access (the default), Read Only access (which prohibits any updates), or Exclusive access to the database during the compaction process.

You can use the ODBC Microsoft Access Setup dialog box to perform data compaction. Click Compact, and then in the Database to Compact From dialog box, select the file and path. Click OK. In the Database to Compact Into dialog box, select the file and path, the version of the resulting compacted file, and the locale, and then click OK. The file to compact into can have the same name as the file being compacted. However, an error is returned if the name of the file to compact into is the same as the name of another existing file. Compacting password-protected files might have unpredictable results.

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