Enter the full path of the new Microsoft Access database you want to create.

When using the Microsoft Access driver, click Create to create a new database.

A database created this way will work only with Microsoft Access 7.0 and later.

If no database is provided at setup, the user will be prompted to choose a database file when connecting to the data source.

The New Database dialog box contains the following controls, among others:

Database Name and location

Specifies the name and location of the new database.


Specifies the locale (LCID), or language, for the database.


Specifies the format of the Microsoft Jet Database Engine. Options: Version 4.x (most recent, Unicode format), Version 3.x (ANSI format), or Version 2.x (ANSI format).


Clicking System Database will create a database that can be shared, and will be recorded on the System DSN tab in the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

Clicking Encryption sets this Access option. With the release of the Microsoft Jet Database Engine version 4.0, database encryption is allowed when creating databases. See the Jet Database Engine Programmer's Reference for additional information. The Encryption option is available only when Version 4.x format is selected.